The benefits of an active Facebook presence for your business

Facebook search has location priotized results. This makes it easier for people in your location to find you – meaning more relevant leads too your page. Users who like or share your content help to promote your information. This effectively turns your audience into salespeople – marketing your information to their friends and family (people are a […]

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Case Study Ebbett Group

Client Details Ebbett Group is a group of car dealerships throughout New Zealand, with locations in Hamilton, Pukekohe, Tauranga, Taupo  Porirua and Wellington. They represent a range of different automobile brands such as Holden, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Nissan, Cadillac and more. We have built a relationship with  the team at Ebbett and continue to work […]

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Pure Aquatics Rebranding

Client Details: Pure Aquatics (formerly known as Goldfish bowl Aquariums) is a retail shop that sells aquarium supplies and livestock (tropical, coldwater and marine fish). The company Goldfish bowl Aquariums had been in business for over 30 years in the same building. When the neighboring tenants moved out, the owner took the opportunity to expand […]

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Why should i update my web browser?

Updating your browser can mean the difference between a website looking like it was made it the 90’s or something fantastic? When you update your browser you achieve multiple advancements including: Heightened security. Updated libraries. Improved engine. Better availability to addon’s. Performance & Speed. Compliance to Web Standards. Browser security is one of the most […]

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Why should i integrate systems online?

In the last few months a common issue being brought up is why should I integrate my systems online? I hear the same reasons: “Works fine, why would I spend money changing this?” “Seems a bit too complicated for me, let’s just leave it” “What if someone hacks my system?” These are just a few […]

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Increase Website Traffic with A Smart Blogging strategy

More business’s are experiencing the benefits of actively using a blog on their website. Benefits from having an active blog with well-written content include: More website visitors More visitors mean more chances to convert leads into customers. If your blog is well accepted, viewers will share your articles with others – meaning free promotion for […]

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