Why should i update my web browser?

Updating your browser can mean the difference between a website looking like it was made it the 90’s or something fantastic? When you update your browser you achieve multiple advancements including:

  • Heightened security.
  • Updated libraries.
  • Improved engine.
  • Better availability to addon’s.
  • Performance & Speed.
  • Compliance to Web Standards.

Browser security is one of the most important aspects of security, as this is the main way most people get things onto their computer mostly from downloading. This can lead to breeches such as malware installs, key-logging software, Trojans and many more. Stop this at the source by updating your browser to help prevent malicious code infecting your system. 


How many times do you say, this website is so slow.. this may not always be the website is slow or your internet connection. The ability for your client (Browser) to process the amount of client side data is reflective of your browser and computer. Try updating this first before complaining to your ISP they will appreciate it. ­čÖé


All browsers have different aspects but┬áchrome’s speed and minimalist design have deservedly attracted a devoted group of users to Google’s browser. Leading HTML5 support means it will be ready for the future, application-like Web. Hardware acceleration adds even more speed, and though Google has implemented Do Not Track privacy protection (set to off by default).

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