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Client Details: Pure Aquatics (formerly known as Goldfish bowl Aquariums) is a retail shop that sells aquarium supplies and livestock (tropical, coldwater and marine fish). The company Goldfish bowl Aquariums had been in business for over 30 years in the same building. When the neighboring tenants moved out, the owner took the opportunity to expand the business and rebrand at the same time with a new name and fresh look.



Pure Aquatics LogoLogo Design

The new name was Pure Aquatics. This was decided as the original name ‘Goldfish bowl’ had limitations – people often assumed the shop was only selling goldfish, however this was an expertise hobby shop – selling fish and products for cold water, tropical and saltwater fish, as well as reptiles, amphibians and outdoor ponds. The new name helped to broaden the associations with the other areas the business covers. 


Shop Front/Sign-writing

The new shop front was certainly eye catching. The shop had been in the same location for over 30 years. After the new shop front there were people commenting on how well it looked and others saying “I’ve lived here my whole life and never knew this place was here!” “Did you just move in?”; some people who knew the shop was there but said “I didn’t even know you sold marine fish” The bright colours and fish featured on the shop front were getting a lot of attention and it was clear that many people didn’t notice the shop beforehand. 

Pure Aquatics Sign writing design - Graphic Design Hamilton 


Brand applications

To reinforce the new brand and create awareness we applied the logo to a range of accessories including shopping bags, fish transport bags, business cards, membership club cards and more. This helped the existing customers remember the new name. 

Pure Aquatics Graphic Design Rebranding



The previous Goldfish bowl website was little more than a basic information website with contact information and company description. A new website was launched to fit with the new branding, this website was integrated with the store point of sale system. The products on the website were linked to the point of sale system and updated to ensure stock numbers and prices are kept up-to-date. The new website showcases the large range of products to make sure viewers know they stock more than just goldfish. 



Some of the main benefits from the rebrand have been that people now recognize the complete range of products stocked compared to thinking they just do the basics. The profile of the shop has been raised and it is impossible to miss when driving past. The bright colour fish on the windows are great for bringing people in to have a look around.



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