Online Sign in forms for visitors & employees.

As New Zealand businesses are gearing up to return to work for COVID-19 Alert level 3. We’ve been busy helping businesses prepare by offering a simple and affordable solution to collecting staff & visitor contact information for sign in/sign out or visitor logs.

Latest information regarding COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for many New Zealand businesses returning to work involves recording of visitors contact information & date/time they enter/leave your site.   This is particularly applicable to construction sites, manufacturing businesses – or anyone receiving regular visitors/deliveries.

This information can either be collected by pen & paper or by electronic means.  We’ve put together a simple package to make this easier for small businesses get visitors to sign in & out. This reduces the risk of spread from physical contact visitors/workers can use their own mobile phones and takes less than 1 minute to complete.

To find out more, or order yours – click the link below:

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The benefits of an active Facebook presence for your business

Facebook search has location priotized results. This makes it easier for people in your location to find you – meaning more relevant leads too your page.

Users who like or share your content help to promote your information. This effectively turns your audience into salespeople – marketing your information to their friends and family (people are a lot more open to the advice or testimonials of someone they know rather than a hired salesperson from your company.)

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars a month and hire a company to manage your social media. If you are reasonably confident online. With some basic training and advice you will be able to manage your Facebook page

Be Social, don’t sell.

People use Facebook to catch-up with friends and family, play games, or read entertaining or interesting content. Most users are browsing in the evenings or during breaks. When people are in this social mood they do not respond well to being ‘sold’. Try to avoid direct sales promotions as much as possible – unless that is the #1 reason people follow you (e.g. online shop, daily discounts etc.) Try building a community of people rather than just a one sided conversation.

Build interaction: encourage feedback, questions and discussions from your Facebook community. Create engagement with competitions or games. This can be something simple from “like this photo to win” or “guess how many items in this jar”. It could also be something more complex such as a custom app e.g. “upload a photo of you using our products to win” or “design your own T-shirt to win”. Apps and competitions give people incentives to engage with you, and when they do they help spread the word and promote your page to their friends. This is an effective way of building your audience and extending your reach on Facebook.


Find out what content your audience likes most. Try using different styles of images and see how your audience responds. Do you get more engagement with serious, professional images? Or are humorous and relaxed images getting more attention?

Monitor your activity and audience reactions. Facebook insights are useful for seeing how people engage with your content. It is important to always monitor how effective your posts are and to find out what content people like most. You need to adapt to your audience, and this may mean adjusting your strategy a few times. Trends change and its important to make sure you keep posting what people are interested in. Insights can provide other useful information such as: when your audience is online – telling you the optimum time for new posts.

Scheduling posts makes it easy to write posts in advance and publish them at specific times. This is great if your audience is active late nights and weekends.

Building your audience on Facebook can be hard. It can be helpful to think of the reasons why people like pages or companies on Facebook.

  1. To gain access to exclusive content, events or sales
  2. To receive discounts or promotions
  3. Get updates about your company or products
  4. Want be associated with the company/page
  5. Want to receive relevant industry news/current events
  6. To interact with the company -e.g. support
  7. To interact with other audience members – community forum, like minded people

These are just a few of the reasons people like pages on Facebook, it can be helpful to think of these and see which of these might be expectations your customers have about your company. It is worth exploring these different content types to see what people engage with most.

Benefits of being active on Facebook

If you invest a bit of time with your company Facebook page, your efforts will be rewarded with an active following of people who are interested in what you do.

Free feedback. Feedback from your customers can be extremely valuable. It gives you an opportunity to hear what people think about your products or services, you can use them as a test audience to see what they think about potential new products

A well managed Facebook presence can be great for your business – and is often something that can be easily maintained in-house with some basic advice and training. Contact our team today to help get the most out of your online presence.

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How A Facebook App Can Benefit Your Business

Why build one? Why have one? Below is why social media Apps are important.


  1. Building awareness – a Facebook app helps grow a business in the social media environment by bringing click through traffic.


  1. Generates Traffic – social media is all about generating traffic with the end goal of delivering customers through that traffic. Social media Apps prove to be beneficial to the brand as a whole. Apps such as photo contests, video contests, polls etc bring new users to your page which in turn will increase your followers.


  1. New customer acquisition – Facebook can act as a portal point to drive traffic to your site and other online properties.


  1. Access to the social world – aka the cool factor. You never know who’s actually using Facebook. Consider this; a potential customer is doing research on your brand through Facebook. they see your profile and see a number of positive posts about your brand, seeing an app where they can interact with your brand puts you in their mind and (if the end goal is a sale) will direct them through to your website for further research. Facebook is still rapidly growing in popularity and is not going away any time soon.


  1. User engagement – Facebook Apps promote engagement. They bring users to your page not only to look through your content but to pass time and interact with your business on more of a personal level.


  1. Recommendation – when used properly your companies’ presence on Facebook will produce positive recommendations among friends, associates and groups with shared interests. When building an App for a business a recommendation must be taken into account. For example, will the user then recommend this app to his/her friends or colleagues? If yes, then the App is a success. If not, back to the drawing board. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Facebook is a crowd.


  1. Lead generation – in addition to connecting with your current customers on Facebook, you must be able to connect to potential leads through the app. You must introduce your product or service. Notice introduce rather than sell? A winning strategy is more about getting the potential customer to click through to your website to learn more about your company. Use these Apps more as a lead generation. If people use the apps to go to your website, your half way to a sale.


  1. Collect user information – grow your database by collecting information from customers interacting with the App


Who benefits from Facebook Apps?

…… Anyone selling a service or a product.

Types of Facebook apps:

  1. Upload a photo or video and get audience to vote for favorite one. Photo or video with most likes wins. Example; ask audience to post photo of their DIY project and audience to vote for best photo. Photo with most likes wins a $500 voucher.


  1. Vote for your favorite and win, you (the company) upload a number of products / photos / videos etc and ask the audience to vote for their favorite (like a poll) at the end of this pick a winner of those who entered


  1. Create or design a custom app, fully customize an app to suit with backgrounds, colors, graphics, and content. For example the Audi A1 app created earlier in 2014. Pick a prize for the winner.
Case Studies

Case Study Ebbett Group

Client Details

Ebbett Group is a group of car dealerships throughout New Zealand, with locations in Hamilton, Pukekohe, Tauranga, Taupo  Porirua and Wellington. They represent a range of different automobile brands such as Holden, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Nissan, Cadillac and more. We have built a relationship with  the team at Ebbett and continue to work on many different projects.


VW Polo Billboard DesignExtension of the team.

The Dvelop IT team is always easy to get in contact with, and fast to reply. We are available to our clients for advice and consulting which comes in useful for companies such as Ebbett who are always working on new projects and advertising methods.  Not all companies have in-house marketing, IT, design and web experts – Dvelop IT is always happy to help out and come up with a solution.

Fast Turn Around.

The business world moves fast and often things need to be done in a hurry. Having fast communication with the team at Ebbett and other third parties such as printers, newspapers and web hosts means we get the job done as fast as possible.

a1-facebook-appWide range of services.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers. Its our job to know what technology is available and how best to use it to get the results you need. We are often asked by clients to help with various projects such as:

  • Creative design – flyers, posters, newspaper ads, billboards, vehicle signwriting and more
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Online promotions – websites, landing pages, advertising banner ads
  • Facebook Apps
  • Photography & Videography
  • Social media setup

Being able to complete a wide range of services proves beneficial to our clients. By being familiar with their company branding we make sure all creative work is consistent across every method of advertising – this saves everyone time, no need to keep explaining brand guidelines, we already have resources such as fonts and logos on hand to make sure we can get things done as fast as possible.

Case Studies

Pure Aquatics Rebranding

Client Details: Pure Aquatics (formerly known as Goldfish bowl Aquariums) is a retail shop that sells aquarium supplies and livestock (tropical, coldwater and marine fish). The company Goldfish bowl Aquariums had been in business for over 30 years in the same building. When the neighboring tenants moved out, the owner took the opportunity to expand the business and rebrand at the same time with a new name and fresh look.



Pure Aquatics LogoLogo Design

The new name was Pure Aquatics. This was decided as the original name ‘Goldfish bowl’ had limitations – people often assumed the shop was only selling goldfish, however this was an expertise hobby shop – selling fish and products for cold water, tropical and saltwater fish, as well as reptiles, amphibians and outdoor ponds. The new name helped to broaden the associations with the other areas the business covers. 


Shop Front/Sign-writing

The new shop front was certainly eye catching. The shop had been in the same location for over 30 years. After the new shop front there were people commenting on how well it looked and others saying “I’ve lived here my whole life and never knew this place was here!” “Did you just move in?”; some people who knew the shop was there but said “I didn’t even know you sold marine fish” The bright colours and fish featured on the shop front were getting a lot of attention and it was clear that many people didn’t notice the shop beforehand. 

Pure Aquatics Sign writing design - Graphic Design Hamilton 


Brand applications

To reinforce the new brand and create awareness we applied the logo to a range of accessories including shopping bags, fish transport bags, business cards, membership club cards and more. This helped the existing customers remember the new name. 

Pure Aquatics Graphic Design Rebranding

The previous Goldfish bowl website was little more than a basic information website with contact information and company description. A new website was launched to fit with the new branding, this website was integrated with the store point of sale system. The products on the website were linked to the point of sale system and updated to ensure stock numbers and prices are kept up-to-date. The new website showcases the large range of products to make sure viewers know they stock more than just goldfish. 



Some of the main benefits from the rebrand have been that people now recognize the complete range of products stocked compared to thinking they just do the basics. The profile of the shop has been raised and it is impossible to miss when driving past. The bright colour fish on the windows are great for bringing people in to have a look around.



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The Secret Formula For The Perfect Viral Share

Nothing More Than Feelings

We all know that one video, that one picture or that one article that everyone’s talking about, commenting on in social media, and sharing with their friends and family. In the event that a piece of great content is placed so strategically that it instantly gains traction, resulting in thousands or millions of views and/or shares, this is known as going viral. But the real question is, what makes content so popular? Is there some secret formula that everyone should be following?


Viral content evokes positive emotions such as awe, amusement and laughter. These three emotions are evoked in 57% of all viral content, and this content is generally humorous, exciting, or both. That doesn’t mean you can’t evoke negative emotions either—it just has a lower chance of going viral.

The content should also have a cognitive impact: do viewers find it practical, interesting, or surprising? If so, expect them to come back for more if you’ve established that sort of reputation. For example, actor George Takei was known for playing Sulu on Star Trek in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Social media has helped him witness a renaissance of sorts and has boosted his popularity with younger audiences. Takei frequently posts humorous or thought-provoking content on Facebook and Twitter. He has over seven million likes on Facebook and 1.23 million Twitter followers, and his content is frequently shared or retweeted.


Reading Rainbow

The average person’s attention span has become shorter and shorter since the Internet has gone commercial. Websites like Twitter and Vine are a testament to that, as these are only 140 characters or seven seconds in length, respectively. Despite their short length, their content is shared quite often as it makes an impact on the viewer.

Don’t lose hope—people still like reading long-form content. 3,000-10,000 word articles get the most shares, and 0-1,000 words get the least, meaning you should keep your content around 2,000 words. The content must also be readable so that it can get shared. Some of the most shared pieces of content include interactive infographics, list-type articles (“listicles”), how-to posts, and videos.

Say Cheese And Share

If you include pictures in your content, it will more likely be shared to the tune of 2.3 times more often on Facebook and 2.1 times more often on Twitter. If you have a specific thumbnail, expect it to be shared 3.1 times more often. You can add thumbnails via meta tags. To add these thumbnails, put it in thesection of your article.

More Than 15 Minutes Of Fame

If you have a great title, you can drive traffic to your content. Everyone will see the title first, so make sure it’s eye-catching. “Listicle” articles with titles such as “Top 20 NFL Players of 2014” or “Top 25 Nicolas Cage Movies” will be shared often. You can even offer advice to better your readers’ lives, such as “10 Ways to Succeed in Law School.”

Positive content can drive traffic, but negative titles such as “15 Ways People Are Being Wasteful” can also drive content and have the same results as a positive title. If you’re running a blog as part of your business, you can position your brand and offer solutions to each point on such a negatively-titled list, making strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers, and finally, customers into promoters, which will restart the cycle anew and generate revenue for your business as well.

Appealing to the emotions of your readers and their sense of self will also drive traffic. For example, you might know people who eat every part of the pizza but the crust, and a title such as “What To Do With Uneaten Pizza Crusts” could be an idea for content—get creative and find out what sticks.

The Go-To Guy


Viral content also needs some authority behind it, like a trustworthy source. Including a byline at the top of an article and an author bio at the bottom tends to drive more traffic to the content. For example, if the author of the content has previously written content for sources that are seen as trustworthy, such as Forbes or the New York Times, they will think more highly of the author. This is especially important, perhaps mandatory, for sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. LinkedIn and Google+ are more frequented by professionals who are seeking content to help better their businesses or personal brands, and might cite your content to potential customers and investors. Female authors seem to be more trusted than male authors in this regard.


Expert Mode

People tend to buy brands that are endorsed by experts in the field or those with lots of influence in it. For example, professional golfer Tiger Woods is seen as one of the best golfers of all time. Woods also has a long-running relationship with Nike and endorses its products, making Nike products one of the most recognized brands in the world. This also works when you’re posting content. You should include quotes from experts or influential figures in your work (living or dead) that is relevant to your content so that it will go viral faster.

It’s Share O’Clock

You should also look at when you’re sharing your content. Tuesday seems to be the “viral” day for Facebook, Twitter and Google+; Monday is Pinterest’s and LinkedIn’s “viral” day. For LinkedIn, this makes sense—Monday is the start of the work week. This also leads to the question as to what time of day you should be sharing your content. 9 am and noon Eastern Standard Time are the two “viral” hours, as most people are at work and at a device where they can access your content more quickly. The worst “viral” hours are the AM and PM rush hours, when people are in a hurry to get from home to work or vice versa, and are not generally staring at a screen of some sort.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Not all content will necessarily go viral on the very first try, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try re-sharing it again. Social shares drop off by 96% within 72 hours of sharing. You can, however, share it again 12 weeks after you originally published it and still get people to talk about what you have to say. You need to keep testing and re-testing your content and seeing what works with your audience—never give up!


Social Media

Facebook for Business – When, What & how to Post

What is the best way to use your business Facebook page?

Many studies have been done to determine the best times to post on Facebook, what content types get the most interaction, whether people like serious posts or relaxed/comedic. The purpose of these studies is to know how to reach as many people as possible. Different studies show conflicting results – Trends change, people respond differently depending on a number of factors from age, culture, industry and interests. I believe there is no quick answer or secret about how to best use your business Facebook page. Your audience is a unique collection of people so they will behave differently when compared to others.

Rather than look at statistics from other countries it is best to do your own research with your selected audience. Facebook Insights is very useful for giving us information about when your fans are online, and what posts are getting the most attention. If you are new to Facebook this can be a daunting thought, but let me walk you though though how to find this information – its fast and easy, and will open your eyes to valuable information about your Facebook audience.

Go to your business Facebook page (you will need to be logged in as Admin) then click the Insights tab at the top of your page. 

When are your Facebook fans online? – Find the best time to post content them.

Click the Posts tab to find out when your fans are online. This graph shows information about when your fans were online over the past week. You may notice some days have more active users than others, or you may see an even spread. Looking at the times will be where you find significant peaks and drops. Generally you will see peaks in the morning and evenings – this coincides with users outside of school and work hours. Your audience is unique, so the activity of your audience will also be unique. Its important to do what is best for your audience rather that what a study says from a different country, industry and age group. Trust the reports on your Facebook page and use this information to know when people are online.

Facebook Insights - When Fans Are Online

What content will get the best results?

Again there have been many studies with different conclusions about what content will have the greatest reach. Generally speaking people engage more with images or short status updates, but again some research and testing is needed to determine what is right for you.

 Click on the Post Types tab to see how well your previous posts have performed. If your business Facebook page is new, you may need to create some posts first to ‘test the water’.

Looking at the information below you can see the reach and interaction of different post types. Depending on your audience and industry you will see different results. It will also depend on what your audience expects from you. Do they want to see links to useful information or interesting stories? Do they want to be kept informed about your company or events? Do they want to see photos of your latest products? Think about what your audience wants and you will begin to understand the trends you see.

Facebook Insights - Post Types

For a more detailed look at the content of posts that get the best results, scroll down the page and you will see a report about ‘All Posts Published’. This provides useful information about how many people were reached, how many clicks, and how many likes, comments and shares. This is great to see if people like your posts that are serious and informative, humorous images, competitions and promotions or discussions.


Make an informed decision using your own statistics and testing. 

Now you can combine the best days and times, with the most effective delivery method/ post type and the most relevant content based on what your previous posts and what audience engages with. It is important to continuously monitor how well your posts are doing and adapt to any changes in trends. Treat your audience as unique and don’t necessarily do what works for others – its always good to learn from others experiences and test and advice, but make sure you do what is best for your audience, industry and business. Give the people what they want, they way they want it, and at the time they want it and you will be sure to see growth and engagement on your Facebook page.




Why should i update my web browser?

Updating your browser can mean the difference between a website looking like it was made it the 90’s or something fantastic? When you update your browser you achieve multiple advancements including:

  • Heightened security.
  • Updated libraries.
  • Improved engine.
  • Better availability to addon’s.
  • Performance & Speed.
  • Compliance to Web Standards.

Browser security is one of the most important aspects of security, as this is the main way most people get things onto their computer mostly from downloading. This can lead to breeches such as malware installs, key-logging software, Trojans and many more. Stop this at the source by updating your browser to help prevent malicious code infecting your system. 


How many times do you say, this website is so slow.. this may not always be the website is slow or your internet connection. The ability for your client (Browser) to process the amount of client side data is reflective of your browser and computer. Try updating this first before complaining to your ISP they will appreciate it. 🙂


All browsers have different aspects but chrome’s speed and minimalist design have deservedly attracted a devoted group of users to Google’s browser. Leading HTML5 support means it will be ready for the future, application-like Web. Hardware acceleration adds even more speed, and though Google has implemented Do Not Track privacy protection (set to off by default).

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Optimising Website Products For Search Engines & People.

Ecommerce websites have unique challenges when it comes to optimising product pages. Its important to make sure your website and products are easy to find in search engines such as Google. It is also important that your products are designed in a way that is user friendly and provides the information needed to lead to online sales. This guide outlines 6 ideas to help optimise your ecommerce website increasing traffic and hopefully sales.

1. Unique Product Descriptions

If you are using product descriptions given to you from suppliers or taken from other websites, this will be no benefit to you. Duplicate content is sure to lead to penalties with you Google ranking. Make sure your content is unique to your website, use the keywords of the product you are describing and be sure to mention the benefits and purpose of the product. If the product is used to solve specific problems make sure to mention the keywords of the problems associated with the product. Read more about targeting the keywords of problems rather than solutions in my previous article:  increase website traffic with a smart blogging strategy

2. Add Product Category Descriptions

Consider optimising your product category pages, by using a keyword rich title, adding a description describing the products found in the category and add an image with correct alt tags and titles. This will help with generic keyword searches for people searching for categories of products such as “men’s clothing” or “kids clothing” 

3. Unique titles with keywords.

As mentioned earlier Google penalizes websites with lots of duplicate content, If you are an online furniture company imagine how many other websites have product titles called “Oak Dining Table” consider adding unique descriptive or personality words such as “ Natural Oak Dining Table” or “Modern Oak Dining Table”. 

4. Use High Quality Product Photos

Product photos are important, especially for products that can only be ordered online. Looking at a product photo is an important part of the buying purchase. Large, high quality photos show viewers the detail they want to see building trust with your product. If your product needs to be shown from different angles to show the full product make sure you add extra photos. Consider providing photos of your product in use if it adds value to the function of your product.

5. Optimising Product Images with Alt tags + Titles

Add alt tags and use smart titles for all images. Do not name images photo1.jpg or image123.jpg. If it is a photo of a cow eating grass then name the image “cow eating grass” this will make your images show up in image searches. The image title and alt tag also get indexed in search engines so its important to add keywords about the image in the title and alt text.

6. Enable & Encourage User Product Reviews

Encourage buyers to review your products. This shows popularity and builds trust with people looking to buy your products. Getting reviews can be hard, consider sending email reminders to buyers offering a discount coupon for reviewing the products of their recent purchases.  

These steps outlined are all easy ways to get more out of your ecommerce website. For most modern websites the functionality to achieve these steps will be available to you already. Sometimes a slight change in your approach to images, keywords and content writing can be all that’s needed to see an increase in website traffic and online sales.




Why should i integrate systems online?

In the last few months a common issue being brought up is why should I integrate my systems online? I hear the same reasons:

“Works fine, why would I spend money changing this?”

“Seems a bit too complicated for me, let’s just leave it”

“What if someone hacks my system?”

These are just a few of the answers I’ve heard but they can all be addressed.


Why do I need this, Works fine?

Your system may work fine, but is fine really OK? Depending on the amount of employees and types of systems you have in place it will really determine your answer. Most companies are always looking for ways to get maximum efficiency from staff, if your staff are having to open and input into 3 different pieces of software constantly this results in a lot of wasted time. For example if you have 1 employee using a CRM system, ERP system and possibly an online shop/support system, think of the amount of time they would spend each day jumping between these pieces of software multiplied by a whole year, then multiply this the amount of staff you have.


Complication of integrations

The next reason is thinking it’s too complicated; think again, any good software or integration specialists should be able make the whole process simple for you. Leaving anything complicated to themselves.


Security Issues

Dealing with security is a complicated issue because no one can guarantee you will not be hacked, anyone that does is lying or has no clue what they are talking about (Run!). What you can do is make sure that your company of choice is following a few quick guides:

  1. Staying up with that latest news, may seem like a given but bugs are always being detected and these need to be isolated fast.
  2. Encryption, ask what data is being encrypted and using which method. Outdated encryption systems are redundant, practically providing a hacker an open door.
  3. Store only what is necessary, having an online system for allowing your clients to view invoices is convenient and wonderful but you don’t need profile pictures, family pets this is to many personal details available.
  4. Good web host, this is the big one. Software being hacked is only a very small segment on security issues, if you think your little server/modified desktop computer in the corner of your office that gets zero maintenance and a lot of foot traffic is where you want to host your nice new integration platform, think again this is a not a good choice, fork out the $30-$60 monthly cost for a host that takes there security seriously, this will save you a lot of stress and money in the future.

What can be integrated?

A few handy examples of things that can be integrated with each other:

  • Accounting software and website, fantastic combination to allow clients to view invoices and make payments through your website. This does not only have more directed traffic to your website, but can boost sales but updating promotions on your website which may not have been viewed, helps with SEO ranking due to traffic increases and makes your customers job a lot easier.
  • Point of sale systems (POS) linked with website or ERP system, depending on what holds your stock levels, having this constantly updating each other will make a more accurate sales process actively changing stock levels in real time. Make sure your customers won’t be disappointed that you sold the last one in store but still shows on website. Saves time from employees updating the systems and removes the human factor of error out of the equation. Happy system, happy customers.
  • Job management systems, or CRM’s. Help get accurate support requests sent through to mobile devices or allow better allocations. Each CRM or job management system has flaws so take the time to analyze what your system isn’t doing or leave that to us. 

At DvelopIT we consider a vast amount of factors before we do any implementation of integration systems or planning, if you are interested in having a chat contact us here