Why should i integrate systems online?

In the last few months a common issue being brought up is why should I integrate my systems online? I hear the same reasons:

“Works fine, why would I spend money changing this?”

“Seems a bit too complicated for me, let’s just leave it”

“What if someone hacks my system?”

These are just a few of the answers I’ve heard but they can all be addressed.


Why do I need this, Works fine?

Your system may work fine, but is fine really OK? Depending on the amount of employees and types of systems you have in place it will really determine your answer. Most companies are always looking for ways to get maximum efficiency from staff, if your staff are having to open and input into 3 different pieces of software constantly this results in a lot of wasted time. For example if you have 1 employee using a CRM system, ERP system and possibly an online shop/support system, think of the amount of time they would spend each day jumping between these pieces of software multiplied by a whole year, then multiply this the amount of staff you have.


Complication of integrations

The next reason is thinking it’s too complicated; think again, any good software or integration specialists should be able make the whole process simple for you. Leaving anything complicated to themselves.


Security Issues

Dealing with security is a complicated issue because no one can guarantee you will not be hacked, anyone that does is lying or has no clue what they are talking about (Run!). What you can do is make sure that your company of choice is following a few quick guides:

  1. Staying up with that latest news, may seem like a given but bugs are always being detected and these need to be isolated fast.
  2. Encryption, ask what data is being encrypted and using which method. Outdated encryption systems are redundant, practically providing a hacker an open door.
  3. Store only what is necessary, having an online system for allowing your clients to view invoices is convenient and wonderful but you don’t need profile pictures, family pets this is to many personal details available.
  4. Good web host, this is the big one. Software being hacked is only a very small segment on security issues, if you think your little server/modified desktop computer in the corner of your office that gets zero maintenance and a lot of foot traffic is where you want to host your nice new integration platform, think again this is a not a good choice, fork out the $30-$60 monthly cost for a host that takes there security seriously, this will save you a lot of stress and money in the future.

What can be integrated?

A few handy examples of things that can be integrated with each other:

  • Accounting software and website, fantastic combination to allow clients to view invoices and make payments through your website. This does not only have more directed traffic to your website, but can boost sales but updating promotions on your website which may not have been viewed, helps with SEO ranking due to traffic increases and makes your customers job a lot easier.
  • Point of sale systems (POS) linked with website or ERP system, depending on what holds your stock levels, having this constantly updating each other will make a more accurate sales process actively changing stock levels in real time. Make sure your customers won’t be disappointed that you sold the last one in store but still shows on website. Saves time from employees updating the systems and removes the human factor of error out of the equation. Happy system, happy customers.
  • Job management systems, or CRM’s. Help get accurate support requests sent through to mobile devices or allow better allocations. Each CRM or job management system has flaws so take the time to analyze what your system isn’t doing or leave that to us. 

At DvelopIT we consider a vast amount of factors before we do any implementation of integration systems or planning, if you are interested in having a chat contact us here