Visitors & workers can sign in on their own phone using web browser. No need to install an app


Sign in or out in seconds

COVID-19 Compliant

For businesses required to collect information of site visitors each day


We'll have your form up and running within 2 working days - and you can cancel anytime

Online Sign in forms for visitors & employees.

 We’ve put together a simple package to make this easier for small businesses get visitors to sign in & out. This reduces the risk of spread from physical contact visitors/workers can use their own mobile phones and takes less than seconds to complete.

Step 1
Display a poster at the entrance to your workplace.

We provide print-ready files for you
Step 2
Staff & Visitors use their own
mobile phones to visit the link
Step 3
Staff & Visitors fill out your
form. Sign in is fast and easy
Step 4
You can login to view & export
your form entries
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You will get your own unique domain name  Then you just need to display that URL or a QR code on a sign at your site entrance – telling people to visit that website to sign in.


Best to view on a mobile phone (as that’s how people will use it to sign in)

Demo 1 (Sign in/Sign Out): This example is setup for a business that needs to record arrival and departure times, perfect for businesses to record staff and contractors (a popular option for trades, manufacturing, agriculture and other businesses that operate on a large worksite making it difficult to track on-site staff/visitors. This example has 2 forms (one to sign in, then another to sign out.)

Demo 2 (Visitor Log): This example is setup for a business where visitors/workers are only entering for a short time (great for deliveries or guests)-  This example has one form and does not require the user to sign out

Simple Online Sign In/Out forms
$ 200
One-Off Setup
Cancel anytime
$ 26
  • Custom subdomain your
  • Include your company logo
  • Colours to match branding
  • Your choice of data collection fields
  • Multiple Site locations (sign in from 1 form)
  • No fixed term contract - cancel anytime


This platform was originally designed to help with meeting COVID-19 lockdown requirements. However the simplicity and easy of use has meant our sign in forms have proven to be useful for worksite sign in forms, visitor logs, delivery logs, inductions/health and safety briefings and more. Some examples include;


We are still getting new customers to setup sign in forms for a range of functions. Your sign in form can be customised to include extra features such as:

Additonals costs apply for non-standard installs. Contact us for a quote

The process is very easy and we usually require very little information from you to make it happen (and nothing technical!)   We just need to know what information you want to collect “Name / Email / Phone / Address etc & if you have multiple locations so users can select which location they are signing up for.  We’ll also need a copy of your logo – which we can usually get off your website if you don’t have a copy.

Click the button below to get your own customised Work Site Sign In Form.  Or  call us on 027 335 7840 If you have any questions. 

Talk to us if you require further customisations – The platform is very flexible and can be extended to suit your needs.


This platform was created in the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic in New Zealand. Information regarding COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for all New Zealand businesses returning to work involved recording of visitors contact information & date/time they enter/leave your site.   This is particularly applicable to construction sites, manufacturing, retail & hospitality businesses – or anyone receiving regular visitors/deliveries.

This information could either be collected by pen & paper or by electronic means. We put together these simple online sign in forms to make life easier for small businesses to get staff and visitors to sign in/out. This reduces the risk of spread from physical contact as  visitors/workers could use their own mobile phones and takes less than seconds to complete.


We didn’t expect a lot of demand for these site sign in forms after the lockdown levels lowered in New Zealand. However most businesses who signed up for them have kept them going – finding them an affordable and easy way to help with their day to day processes.

We are also surprised at how many enquiries we are still getting to setup these digital sign in forms for businesses in New Zealand (including setting them up for purposes we never originally imagined). 

If you have an idea in mind involving digital sign in forms, online questionnaires or QR codes pointing to a website or resource hub – please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to discuss new ideas and see if we can make your ideas happen.

The benefit of our platform is it’s simplify, there are many application based solutions for staff sign in and visitor logs, While these are great for some uses they can also be limiting.

application based platforms require installing on the device, this is ok if you want a single table to sign in, or if you have the same regular staff that you only need to setup once.  The simplicity of our web-based platform means anyone can scan the QR code with their own device, visit your custom landing page and fill out the form. No need to install a specific app.   This makes it ideal for using in situations where you don’t have control over the devices people bring to site (e.g. visitors, contractors, delivery drivers etc)