Visitors & workers can sign in on their own phone using web browser. No need to install an app


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COVID-19 Compliant

For businesses required to collect information of site visitors each day


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Online Sign in forms for visitors & employees.

Latest information regarding COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for many New Zealand businesses returning to work involves recording of visitors contact information & date/time they enter/leave your site.   This is particularly applicable to construction sites, manufacturing, retail & hospitality businesses – or anyone receiving regular visitors/deliveries.

This information can either be collected by pen & paper or by electronic means.  We’ve put together a simple package to make this easier for small businesses get visitors to sign in & out. This reduces the risk of spread from physical contact visitors/workers can use their own mobile phones and takes less than seconds to complete.

Step 1
Display a poster at the entrance to your workplace.

We provide print-ready files for you
Step 2
Staff & Visitors use their own
mobile phones to visit the link
Step 3
Staff & Visitors fill out your
form. Sign in is fast and easy
Step 4
You can login to view & export
your form entries


You will get your own unique domain name  Then you just need to display that URL on a sign at your site entrance – telling people to visit that website to sign in.

  • Decide your own unique domain name (we set this up for you)
  • Display your URL or QR code on a sign or poster at your worksite entrance (we provide generic A4 & A3 poster files for you to print)
  • Visitors, Staff Or Truck Drivers see your sign and use their own phone to go to your link (or scan QR code) - this takes them to your custom sign in form
  • You have the option of receiving email notifications every time someone signs in (optional)
  • You will have access to login and export entries whenever you want (you can filter by date range too)


Best to view on a mobile phone (as that’s how people will use it to sign in)

Demo 1 (Sign in/Sign Out): This example is setup for a building site, who has tradies, visitors & deliveries arriving at various times. Visitors often don’t know how long they’ll be on-site, so this example has 2 forms (one to sign in, then another to sign out.)

Demo 2 (Visitor Log): This example is setup for a business where visitors/workers are only entering for a short time (great for deliveries)- or know exactly how long they’ll be there for.  This example has one form, the user enters arrival and departure time all at once.


This platform can be customised to include extra features such as:

  • Videos for site inductions / briefings
  • Health Declarations (users ticking a box confirming they are healthy & fit for work)
  • Custom forms & content for safety training
  • Seperate form for truck drivers/deliveries
  • Add updates about daily/weekly changes
  • Add links to other helpful resources on-site workers might need
  • Add a map or directions for visitors

Additonals costs apply for non-standard installs. Contact us for a quote

The process is very easy and we usually require very little information from you to make it happen (and nothing technical!)   We just need to know what information you want to collect “Name / Email / Phone / Address etc & if you have multiple locations so users can select which location they are signing up for.  We’ll also need a copy of your logo – which we can usually get off your website if you don’t have a copy.

Click the button below to get your own customised Work Site Sign In Form.  Or  call us on 027 335 7840 If you have any questions. 

Talk to us if you require further customisations – The platform is very flexible and can be extended to suit your needs.

Simple Online Sign In/Out forms
$ 200
One-Off Setup
Cancel anytime
$ 18
  • Custom subdomain your
  • Include your company logo
  • Colours to match branding
  • Your choice of data collection fields
  • Multiple Site locations (sign in from 1 form)
  • No fixed term contract - cancel anytime